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Vision and Goals



We are committed to cultivating transdisciplinary professionalism in our students and help them become upper-level professionals who are equipped with humanistic competencies, sustainable thinking, and abilities to respect different cultures, to innovate and manage an interdisciplinary team that provides holistic, long-term healthcare to people in need.




1. Cultivate a workforce in long-term care (LTC) and preventive care that meets the needs of the present.  

2. Cultivate startup founders and high-ranking executives/ leaders in the LTC industry.   

3. Cultivate healthcare professionals as a long-term care policy maker or a care manager.

4. Cultivate healthcare professionals with abilities to run, operate, and manage an organization. 

5. Cultivate healthcare administrators with insurance and finance skills.

6. Cultivate professionals to upgrade LTC smart technology and achieve innovation of assistive devices.  

7. Cultivate a workforce specialized in aging.