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Curriculum and Regulations

◆Mini Term of Study


Limited to one to four years for students of the master’s program (excluding the period of suspension).


◆Minimum Credits


The students of this master’s program must complete at least 30 credits for the degree.


◆Curriculum and Regulations


I. Students are required to complete 20 credits of required courses (12 credits of Long-term care professional courses, and 8 credits of Research and analysis courses), 10 credits of elective courses, and to pass the following courses before graduation.

1. Long-term care professional courses (12 credits)

(1) Long-Term Care Policy
(2) Long-Term Care Benefits/Payment Design, Care and Case Management
(3) Transdisciplinary Long-Term Care Services and Integration
(4) Management and Quality Assurance of Long-Term Care Institutions
(5) Fundamentals of Care Services
(6) Advanced Long-Term Care Management Practicum

2. Research and analysis courses (8 credits)

(1) Research Methods
(2) Biostatistics
(3) Seminar on transdisciplinary long-term care practice(I)
(4) Seminar on transdisciplinary long-term care practice(II)
(5) Research Ethics

3. Common required courses (0 credits)

(1) Academic and Research Ethics Education Program
(2) Gender Equity Education Online Course

II. Students should follow the “Essentials of Practicum and Professional Practice Reporting for Master Program in Transdisciplinary Long-Term Care and Management”.

1. Students should complete a minimum of 160 hours of Advanced Long-Term Care Management Practicum. The practicum should be conducted after the completion of the professional long-term care program.

2. Students should submit an internship plan related to the program at least one month before the Practicum, and after the thesis advisor's approval, will assist in arranging the internship site.


III. “The students who fail to the required courses, and still fail to the required courses after a reexamination should drop out of school.” is not applicable in this master’s program.

IV. If this required course regulation have any outstanding matters, will follow the relevant regulations of the school.